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Dec 2019: First Brewday

We were granted our brewing license in late 2019 and brought in two local brewers, Josh Wyatt (Boundary Brewing Company) and Mitchell Kehoe (Wild Ambition Brewing) to brew our first beer. It was known as the 'Community NEIPA', a bold, hoppy double IPA, and thus began our craft beer adventure!

Feb 2020: Beer on Tap

The 'Community NEIPA' was shortly followed by the 'Very English Porter' and Josh was then appointed as our official head brewer. We started to expand our tap list with the mantra that we wanted to offer a wide range of styles to suit a wide range of tastes. Kelowna's craft beer scene continued to show a huge amount of growth and KBC firmly carved out a niche for itself in the local area.

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Mar 2020: Lockdown

Just as the brewery was gaining momentum, the first wave of COVID-19 forced us to close our doors to the public. There was a lot of uncertainty in the air but everyone pitched in, and we began offering contactless growler sales. The community response was incredible as people journeyed out to pick up their beer. We will be forever grateful for the support that we received.


Summer 2020: Hitting our Stride

In May, the provincial health orders were relaxed and we were able to re-open to the public. We continued to expand our beer lineup and soon had a wide-ranging tap-list of everything from Sours to Stouts, and Kölsches to California Commons. We started collaboration brews with several other local breweries and continued to dedicate ourselves to sourcing the freshest ingredients to make the best beers that we possibly could!

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Late 2020: Warming Winter Ales

In December, we focussed on expanding our lineup of darker beers and released our first Winter Ale. This recipe has now become a yearly tradition and sees a special release each year. Loaded with roasted, toasty flavours and given an extra boost of malty sweetness thanks to a molasses addition, this is one to look forward to! 

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Early 2021: More Collaborations

Kelowna has an amazing craft beer community and we have endeavoured to work with as many of these talented people as possible! As well as collaborations with local friends Freddy's Brewpub and Wild Ambition Brewing, we also reached out across the city and teamed up with Barn Owl Brewing to play around with some more unusual ingredients

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Mid 2021: New Tanks!

Mid-July saw us take delivery of 4 new tanks to further expand the brewery. This has allowed us to expand our beer lineup even further with the addition of two lagers that have remained staples of our taproom since release.

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