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Brew Blog: September 2021

Hello again, it has been a while! I’ve found myself so busy in the brew-house that unfortunately, this blog has been a little neglected. Summer tends to be a crazy time for everyone in the brewing industry and we’ve seen lots of exciting changes here at KBC over the last 3 months!

The biggest change, which many people will have already noticed(!) are the three shiny fermentation tanks that now line the back wall of the brewery. It was quite the day getting these unloaded off the truck and into their new positions. This addition more than doubles the capacity of our brewing operation which is exciting because it means we’re going to be able to bring you more of the beer you love, as well as some new stuff too! We have already started brewing into these tanks so be on the lookout for some cool new beers on tap in the coming months.

New beer releases were unfortunately put on hold over the summer, due to the difficulty of keeping all of our current beers on tap. The benefit to this, though, is that it has given me the time to really dial in the current recipes. We have fresh, new batches of the IPA, Stout and Hazy and I think they’re the best ones we’ve made so far!

Another great addition to the KBC bar is our new beer sign-board that our manager Brandon put together. Now that we have so many of our own beers, the old chalkboard simply didn’t cut it anymore. This board makes it much easier to see what we have available on tap (and it looks a lot better too!)

As we head into the fall season, we’re looking forward to bringing back some darker seasonal releases as well as some lighter fare for those warm sunny evenings beneath our patio heaters. The hop harvest is in full swing right now and I’m planning to go and check in with some of our local growers next week. Lots to look forward to so pop in and pay us a visit sometime soon!

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