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Brew Blog: June 2021

We started off this month with another collaboration brew, this time with our friends over at Barn Owl Brewing. Colin (their brewer) and I worked on the recipe together and we wanted to come up with something truly special and unique. We settled on a big, bold New England Style IPA, into which we threw an obscene amount of hops. For some context, we hop our Hazy Pale Ale at a rate of around 1.8lbs/bbl and the new NEIPA comes in at 3.5lbs/bbl! With all these extra hops comes an intense juicy fruitiness. We also upped the ABV to give the beer a bit more of a bite, so what we are left with is a big, bold, intense beer that we hope you enjoy. This brew will only be available on tap at KBC or Barn Owl and when it’s gone, it’s gone, so get in soon to give it a try!

We used a range of modern hop varieties including Galaxy, Citra, Eclipse and Victoria’s Secret. Aside from Citra, these varieties are fairly new releases from the Australian hop market. They have recently gained more of a foothold as they are full of the juicy, fruity flavours that people are looking for in their beers. As you can see, we used a lot of them!

After brew day, the beer sat in our fermentation tank for a few weeks, and underwent several substantial dry hop additions. We were then ready to transfer the beer over to our brite tank, where it was chilled, carbonated and then kegged!

On release day, I drove the beer over to Barn Owl and we were able to enjoy a sample out on their beautiful, sunny patio. The beer is selling fast, so if you want to try it, make sure you stop by soon!

As the weather continues to improve, we hope everyone is getting out and about and enjoying the wonderful Okanagan valley. Our beer is available on tap and in cans, so be sure to stop by and pick some up before your next trip!


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