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Brew Blog: May 2021

Updated: May 31, 2021

This time of year in the Okanagan is traditionally when we would all be gathering for one of BC’s biggest beer festivals, Penticton’s Fest of Ales. Unfortunately, like last year, the 2021 festival was not able to happen, so instead of being out there serving beer and chatting to all of our wonderful patrons, we have been holed up in the brewery working away on some more delicious brews for you to try.

It has not all been work though. The nice weather has allowed us to get out and about and even squeeze in a few rounds of golf. Now, nothing goes better with a sunny day on the course than a nice cold can of the Hazy Pale Ale. You can actually find our beer at several courses around town so keep an eye out for us (or just bring your own :P)

Last month saw the release of the Steel Kettle Altbier, our collaboration with Boundary Brewing Company, and we are proud to say that it has been a hit. You can find it on tap and in cans at the brewery or from your local liquor store while supplies last. The Altbier is a traditional German style lagered ale that errs on the darker side of the colour spectrum but is surprisingly refreshing. Take a look at last month’s blog for a more detailed rundown of the beer and pop in to see us for a taste before it is all gone!

As well as our brews, we have been very busy packaging this month as we rollout to even more liquor stores. We love to see people in the pub, but it’s also good to know that you can enjoy our beer wherever you are locally. We got in a big shipment of labels this month so we will be going absolutely gangbusters on the canning line to keep everyone stocked up for the summer!

That’s about it for April. We have some exciting stuff planned for May so stay tuned for news on that!


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