DEC 2020

Hello, and welcome to a new regular section of our website where we are hoping to give you some more information on what we’re up to in the brewery at KBC. This will give you some insight into how we do things here and a sneak preview of what’s on the radar for the next few months! 


My name is Josh, and I have been the head brewer at KBC for just over a year. I’m the guy in the wellies, covered in assorted brewing gunk, that you will often see working away behind the glass in our brewhouse. We love having such an open space to brew in and being so close to our patrons while we make what they are drinking! Feel free to shout over the glass if you have any feedback or just want to say hi. In times gone by I would have invited you in and shown you around, but alas, for now we have to keep our distance. 

So what have we been up to this month? For starters, December 17th marked our 1 year ‘brewversary’ of the day when we made our very first batch of beer! Our first beer was a New England style IPA which came in at 6.6%, used a boat-load of delicious Citra hops, and which eventually became our Hazy Pale Ale. 

Hitting this one-year milestone made us reflect back on the year that we have had (one which honestly hasn’t gone exactly as we had originally thought!) and to be thankful for everything that we have achieved so far. I love some interesting stats, so here are a few numbers from our first year brewing:

Quite the year! Our anniversary brew was a second batch of the Very English Porter, a beer that we first brewed back in February. There has always been a heated debate around here as to whether the Stout or the Porter was our better dark beer (and the jury’s still out) but at least you’ll be able to try both on tap and decide for yourself sometime in mid-January. 


In other recent news, the eagle-eyed of you will have noticed an upgrade to our brewhouse that happened earlier this month. Our new addition is the giant, 1000L, shiny silver kettle that you can see standing where our old 300L kettle used to be. This upgrade is one that I am very relieved to see come to fruition (if you ever want to ask about the logistics of brewing 900L of beer in a 300L kettle, I would be happy to regale you some other time…) and really opens up some interesting possibilities for future beers. 


We also ran an interesting new service this December where we offered people the chance to order personalized cans to give as Christmas gifts for the holidays. All you have to do is send us a photo, choose from one of our templates and we do the rest. Come to the brewery after a couple of weeks and pick up your cans filled with our beer and decorated with your label. We were doing this as a trial, but it proved so successful that we will be launching it for birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year. Contact us if you are interested and we can fill you in on all the details!

And with that I’m back off to the brewery to replenish our supplies that have dwindled significantly in the Christmas and New Year rush. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support by coming to the brewery or by buying our beer elsewhere. We have had an amazing first year and look forward to welcoming you back again in 2021 with some old favourites and some new recipes too. Cheers!