So time came to create our first beer we were talking to the other local brewers on what type of beer they we like to brew. After a couple of pints of German styles from Boundry and all the sours from Wild Ambition we starting talking about a Juicy NEIPA and how good it would be. So off the cuff we asked them to brew one. So lets introduce our first Brew! The COMMUNITY NEIPA (New England I.P.A.) is an approachable unfiltered brew. We used Citrus and Simcoe Hops. We then dry hopped with a ton more of Citra Hops, to create a complete Juice Bomb! It’s the citrus fruit flavors on the forefront that give this beer a true NEIPA (New England IPA) profile. With the help of two fellow Glenmore/University District Brewers, Josh Wyatt (Boundary Brewing) and Mitchell Kehoe (Wild Ambition), we were able to create a true Community NEIPA here at Kelowna Brewing Company


Our very English brewer, Josh was biting at the bit to create a very English Porter… So We Did! Introducing The Very English Porter that is rich with flavour and refreshing as a cup of tea. Our grain bill includes 2Row, Chocolate and Crystal 60 Malt with noticeable flavour profiles of coffee and chocolate. We used Cascade and East Kent Golding Hops round this malty beverage nicely. Don’t let the dark beer fool you in the Summer weather as it pairs extremely well with anything you pull off the BBQ. 


Do you remember that time when you have a minority Owner, that is a big friendly biker and used his full weight of his stake in the company for a Oatmeal Stout? 

Well, Lets talk about Pete’s Stout!

This well rounded oatmeal stout is as smooth as they come. It hits all the notes that you would think a stout would have: carmel, Chocolate and Coffee. This stout will keep you in your comfort zone.


After the success of our 6.5% Community NEIPA we decided that we wanted to create something with a similarly huge hop aroma and flavour, but at a more “sessionable” ABV. Summer is coming and we needed a prefect crushable patio IPA. Enter our new hazy pale ale. 


               For this brew we were able to get our hands on some amazing Mosaic hops. Often referred to as “Citra on steroids”, this hop makes for an epic flavour profile of tropical fruit and citrus that will have you reaching for that growler for another pour